What we specialize in

Building clean, beautiful Websites and Mobile Applications

About Us

We are a proudly South African Startup. We have a passion for Technology, User Experience, and Product Design.

Our aim is to create products which address most of today's problems. By identifying gaps, we strive to fill these gaps with digital solutions which can be used by anyone.

At Lylt Technologies we pride ourselves on providing customers with exceptional quality, products, and services.

The products that we build are clean, simple, and beautiful.

What we Do

We build our products by combining innovation with the best technologies in order to achieve quality

App Development

We combine user experience with good coding standards to create beautiful, fast and meaningful mobile applications.

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Website Design

We build elegant looking websites for clients. Whether it is to promote products or software as a service.

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Email Hosting

By hosting, setting up and managing email addresses, we strive to keep our clients connected to the world.

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User Experience

We design and develop using a user-centric approach. This is achieved by making use of wire-frames and modern prototyping techniques. We constantly engage with our clients and users to determine whether we are on the right course or not and adjust our approach accordingly when needed. This is what makes us user-centric.

Our Work

Here you can find the various projects we have worked on...

Mzanzi Stickers

  Lylt Technologies and the Creatives at Ranga Media were pleased to present Mzanzi Stickers!...


Hydrotec is a reputed drainage manufacturer with a well- established brand in the construction and...

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Our offices are in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa